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Celebrate the Light

For 60 years, Light for the Lost has not wavered from the vision God gave to Sam Cochran to send the message of salvation through Christ in many languages around the world. This heartbeat for souls brings us to the next chapter of LFTL with the introduction of Celebrate the Light, a multimedia mission-focused initiative to fulfill God’s command and reach lost people. Since our inception, LFTL has raised over 300 million dollars for missionaries and outreach centers to share the gospel of Christ. We continue that great journey with Celebrate the Light.

As part of Celebrate the Light, local churches can host a Celebrate the Light service. This service is an opportunity to connect the congregation with the mission of LFTL and allow each person to prayerfully stand with those who are in the harvest fields and give of their resources to equip missionaries with evangelism materials to reach the lost. What better way to celebrate Him than by partnering with missionaries and providing them the means to tell others about Him?

Customize Your Celebrate the Light Service

Your Celebrate the Light presentation is avaliable for FREE download and can be presented in multiple ways.

The first option will be the LFTL service in its entirety: three video clips, the choir music, etc. with your congregation.


Another option is to use the missions videos, the music, and create your own script for your Celebrate the Light service. This empowers you to make the service your own and fit it to the needs and style of your church.

The final option is that you can use the videos independently, one-by-one at your discretion for your congregation throughout the year to share Light for the Lost.

Whatever option you desire the response device has been created for your use at the end of your presentation.

We are excited about presenting you and your church family this opportunity of delivering resources to you. If you are a district leader, this resource can be used as a district initiative for greater district impact and district wide missions focus.

We are always available at the national LFTL office to assistance you with any questions that may arise. Once again, Thank you and it is time to Celebrate the Light!

Celebrate the Light Downloadable Resources

*Disclaimer - The content of the following videos is graphic in nature.


Download: (Right-click or Command-click to save these files to your computer)

Videos with Spanish Subtitles


Photos & Artwork:

CTL Sheet Music:


Previous editions of Celebrate the Light

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