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Light for the Lost provides evangelistic resources for missionaries and missionary partners through five platforms: print, audio, video, internet technologies, and apps.

What is Celebrate the Light?

Celebrate the Light

Celebrate the Light (CTL) is a media presentation which you can use to help raise funds for Light for the Lost and promote special projects in your church or district. It's all about celebrating what Jesus has done in the lives of people through LFTL and people like you. Some churches host a "Light for the Lost Day" or a church-wide meal event centered around LFTL. They will show one of the videos, and then take a special offering for a LFTL project. We encourage you to be creative in how you use these CTL videos. Below here are synopses of 16 CTL videos we've produced, and links to either stream or download them:


For decades, Albania was the only constitutionally atheist nation on earth. Owning a Bible or any religious material could land you in prison. But the people were always hungry for truth, hope, and answers to life's great questions. When the door to Albania finally opened, missionaries Kurt and Stephanie Plagenhoef arrived and began using Light for the Lost resources to evangelize, plant churches, and make disciples. More than 62,000 Albanians have come to Christ during those years! In this Celebrate the Light video, Kurt introduces us to four Albanians (one pictured here) whose lives have been impacted by those LFTL resources.

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Missionaries David and Marie Turner use Light for the Lost funds to print and distribute evangelistic materials explaining the plan of salvation to people struggling with life-controlling issues such as drug addiction. In addition, the Turners help Guatemalan pastors acquire Spanish FireBibles to amplify their preaching ministries. Dan Kersten, LFTL Communications Director, narrates as we take a journey with the Turners into parts of Guatemala where ministry to local waste disposal workers is accelerating because of LFTL resources. Thanks to these resources, many people are learning how to remove "spiritual garbage" from their lives.

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For 44 years, Light for the Lost assisted missionaries Ron and Penny Maddux in Asia. Any time they needed evangelism resources, LFTL was there to help! In Cambodia in particular the Maddux' benefited from LFTL support when they opened homes and schools for war orphans. As children, LFTL provided them with a Bible so they could learn to read, and also understand God's Word. Years later, many of the orphans became pastors, and again received Bibles provided by LFTL. What an impact LFTL has has in Cambodia! The story of Moses in this video is especially beautiful  

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The African church is exploding in growth at an extremely rapid pace! But this rapid growth raises concerns about church health. Will Africa's churches be healthy enough to reach the remaining 860 unreached people groups? Will solid doctrine be taught in Africa's 84,000 Assemblies of God churches? Acts 2 Journey and Light for the Lost have been invited by missionaries and African churches to help address this massive missiological challenge. We're so close to finishing the task of reaching 860 remaining unreached tribes! Acts 2 Journey and LFTL now invite YOU to be part of the next big missions push in Africa.

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The Cuba Assemblies of God is reaching EVERY household in Cuba for Christ. But they must equip and train soul winners too. In this video Cuban pastor Caesar Suarez Castro completing a Bible training program and then using his study materials provided by LFTL in evangelism ministry.

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This may surprise you, but the people of Iran are hungry for the gospel. But it is forbidden in Iran. So AG missionaries in nearby locations distribute gospel materials provided by LFTL to Iranians who visit those places. They are seeing INCREDIBLE results! This is a very unique way to evangelize and get the gospel into a very sensitive nation.

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ICOM (India College of Ministry)

The India AG wants to plant churches among 1,200 unreached people groups in their country. To do this they train church planters using Global University materials provided by LFTL funds. This is an awesome look into how LFTL partners with other organizations and missionaries to help facilitate large-scale evangelism in a difficult area.

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A young woman named Usha was sold into a brothel by her husband when she was 14 years. In the brothel she gave birth to a daughter named Priya. Priya was destined to join her mother in the “flesh trade” but Project Rescue workers helped Priya leave the brothel and enter a Home of Hope. Her mother, Usha, died in the brothel, but Priya was saved. Today Priya serves Jesus and helps other children who are born into brothels.

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During the 1994 genocide war, Emanuel Ngabonziza (nn-GAB-on-ZEE-zuh) was a captain in the Rwandan army. He fought to liberate his country. After the war, Emanuel came to Christ and was called to ministry. LFTL funds helped provide Pastor Emanuel with resources he used to train for evangelism ministry. Today, Emanuel uses them in ministry. He has planted a church with more than 200 people in the Muslim quarter of his city, Kigali.

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U.S. Missionary David Houck (HOW-kh) ministers in impoverished, illiterate, "off-the-grid," and drug-filled communities in central Florida. Some of the people are often called American Gypsies. David uses LFTL funds to provide a very unique tool to the gospel. You'll be interested to see what that tool is! Watch the video to find out.

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He was the man in the sewer. Emanuel Balaciu (bahl-ATCH-ee-oo) was put on the streets of Bucharest, Romania, as a little child. Eventually he become “king of the street people” and was known for his violence and hopeless drug addiction. Watch the story of how a Teen Challenge worker found Emanuel, brought him to a Teen Challenge Center, and lead him to Christ. LFTL funds made an impact every step of the way!

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This one has probably the coolest sound track you'll see in a missions video! Believers in Burma are on fire for Jesus and want to evangelize their nation, and the greater Buddhist world. The Tiddim Chin and Burmese FireBible language editions are useful tools for training evangelists and making disciples who win others to Christ. This video shows the relationship between national churches, LFTL and the FireBible.

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Many American churches need revival, renewal, or a new focus on the Acts chapter 2 model of church growth. This video tells the story of one American AG church that had ceased to grow until the leadership went through the Acts 2 Journey. LFTL partners with Acts 2 Journey to help revive and re-energize churches so they can better reach their communities and reach spiritual health. Its’ a fascinating story and you’ll be surprised at some of the statistics shared in this video.

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Several years ago a team arrived in a mountain village in Tibet. They met an old woman who had NEVER before seen a light bulb. They hooked up small solar panel to the roof of her hut and handed her the bulb. This photo was taken the moment she saw the light come on. Imagine how her soul will be filled with wonder and joy when THE LIGHT, Jesus Christ, enters her dark world? Pastor Rod Loy of First North Little Rock AG tells the story.

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John Karanja (car-AHN-juh) was in a tea field when someone gave him an evangelism tract titled “The Great Questions of Life.” John read it over and over. The Holy Spirit convicted John of his sin (he’d been living a wild life) and he decided to follow Jesus. Today, John is a pastor and Bible school teacher. He’s won MANY people to Jesus. It all started with a simple tract.

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In San Diego, Dam Nguyen (DAHM-win) was ready to end her life. Her only son had died from cancer, and her businesses were bankrupt. Her sister across the sea in Vietnam found an online resource that LFTL helps provide in the Vietnamese language. That resource helped Dam Nguyen change her mind about suicide. What happened next in her life is amazing! Watch the video to find out more.

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