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Showing Enslaved, Exploited People the Light of Jesus

by Dan Kersten on November 01, 2023

It really was a doorway to hell. On a muggy summer night in Mumbai, India, I watched hundreds of men line up in front of the city’s brothels. Inside, I knew, thousands of women and children were enslaved, with no say in what happened to them.

Most of the women and girls would not live to see age 30 in those buildings. The young boys would one day become the traffickers. Missionary David Grant once described the brothels of India to me as places where people simply suffer and perish in the millions, all while having never heard Jesus’ story.

David was right. “A doorway to hell.”

It is impossible to know how many people worldwide are enslaved and sexually exploited. But it certainly is possible to love, help, minister to, and sometimes rescue those whom God places in our path. Light for the Lost partners very closely with a number of Assemblies of God missionaries to bring the light of Jesus into horrid, spiritually dark places like brothels. Project Rescue is one of our biggest partners, but there are many others.

In Asia and Europe, I have watched missionaries skillfully use LFTL funds to tell sexually exploited women and children about new life in Jesus. Many times, those same tools also help initiate a physical rescue from exploitation. After each miraculous rescue, LFTL continues assisting in the healing and restoration process through Bibles, evangelistic videos, and special personal items (used in the rescue process).

It’s incredibly beautiful to observe the process. A meeting, a conversation, a gift given, another conversation. Next, a question: “Will you help me?” Then, a miraculous rescue, and the journey of healing and restoration begins.

Thank you for helping LFTL provide important evangelism resources for missionaries working in this difficult area. Because of you, we are part of an incredible rescue work that Jesus does through them. We Still Believe in reaching enslaved and exploited people. We always will.

You may designate a LFTL offering to help resource missionaries responding to human trafficking by clicking here, select Advanced Giving Options, then select "LFTL-Project Rescue" on the list.






Dan Kersten

Dan Kersten is Director of Communications for the National Light for the Lost and Men's Ministry. Email Dan at [email protected], or call 417.862.1447 ext. 4174.